MAF Industries Inc. stainless steel bin washer, serial number 0000186, approximately 30" bin infeed and discharge height, 49-1/2" wide x 60" long x 35-1/2" tall maximum bin size, 66" long carousel conveyor, hydraulic motor drive, 66-1/2" diameter rotating carousel, electric motor gearhead chain drive, 24" wide x 24" long U-shaped spray manifold with 9 each 5/8" threaded spray nozzles connections to spray inside of bins, 2" diameter x 5' long side wall mounted spray manifold with 7 each 5/8" threaded spray nozzles, 2" threaded spray manifold connection with Tri-Clover adapter, 4 each 4" bottom side threaded connections, 1 each 4" flanged bottom side connection, 2 HP stainless steel centrifugal pump, 4" flanged infeed, 3" flanged discharge, electric motor direct drive, 1170 RPM, wired 230/460/3/60, all stainless steel construction, requires infeed conveyor, pump infeed screen, various spray nozzles.